The Merriam-Webster Dictionary for Logic Users (2012)

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary for Logic Users (2012)

Adjusted Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Large Print

Paper, acrylic paint, Tipex

This book is designed to edit the English language, ridding it of words that have no use to us in the development of understanding, through logic.

All adjectives, adverbs, interjections and other words that have been used only as a form of social interaction, which have no necessity.

The use of the future tense is also prohibited, due to the fact that it is illogical to talk of the future, when we do not know of its existence or state.

Words that have been falsified as concepts have also been eradicated.

This book strives to create a world where understanding has clarity and there are no distractions from expression or vocabulary that has been deemed illogical.

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