Skip (D.T. Donovan) (2011)

Collaborative Project between Cosima Cobley Carr and Daniel Davies.


D.T. Donovan (b.1921) is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Earth Sciences at University College London. He read Geology at the University of Bristol before the Second World War where he served with REME (The Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers).


After the war he returned to Bristol as a Research Assistant, becoming Assistant Lecturer in 1947, and lecturer 1950. In 1959 he was awarded the Murchison Fund by the Geological society of London, and for six years spent the summer as geologist on Lauge Koch’s Expeditions to East Greenland.


In 1962 he was appointed as Chair of Geology at Hull and in 1966 became Professor at UCL. He retired from UCL in 1982.


On 17 August 2011 Cosima Cobley Carr and Daniel Davies found much of Donovan’s professional archive in the skip at the back of the Slade including photographs dating back to 1957 of his expeditions to East Greenland. They presented the archive in August at the Slade.


The photograph here is a composite of an image taken in 1982 at UCL with Professor Donovan in the centre, as the then Head of Geology department, and a second image of Cosi (left) and Dan (right) taken in the same place – on the left hand side of the main Portico at UCL – almost thirty years later.


Professor Donovan, now 90, lives near Wells in Somerset and recently published a paper on stone resoration at Wells Cathedral.


He spoke to Cosi and Dan by email and they may yet take up his kind invitation to visit Wells.