Mirror (Dreamwreck) (2016)

Mirror explores how a sense of self can fragment over time, as the relationship between who you are and your physical body fluctuates and pulls apart. This sense of dislocation is intensified through Mirror as a simple repeated pattern disintegrates and the retuning and detuning of radios run as a percussive base and the vocals become fragmented and distorted.

Mirror touches on our complex relationship with our bodies and identities which are both highly personal, yet also something socially understood and perceived. In this sense, attempting to strip our bodies of social meaning can sometimes leave us in a state of dysphoria and detachment, rather than a more integrated and contented identification with ourselves. Mirror draws reference to Jean-Paul Sartre’s philosophical novel Nausea:

“Perhaps it is impossible to understand one’s own face. Or perhaps it is because I am a solitary? People who live in society have learnt how to see themselves, in mirrors, as they appear to their friends. I have no friends: is that why my flesh is so naked? You might say – yes, you might say nature without mankind.”

Released on Modern Obscure Music in 2022. Available on Bandcamp, Apple Music and Spotify.