mitsein (2018-19)

Moving-Image, 13:42

‘Mitsein’ refers to human existence as it is constituted by a relationship with others. Translated as “being-with”, Heidegger uses the term to denote an essential characteristic of human life. Mitsein has also been used in psychoanalytic theory to describe the relationship between mother and baby before the infant has learnt to distinguish themselves from other objects.

This three-part moving-image work addresses the complex psychological and physiological results of disruption to the mother-infant relationship. Central to the work are recorded performances. Each video portrait involves facial distortion, exploring the intimate relationship between early development and the formation of identity. The performances are combined with archival and other elements that develop narratives on these psychological experiences that result from early disruptions to attachment, each with the backdrop of a green screen: a surface that intended to be replaced or projected onto.

Mitsein I
mitsein I
Mitsein II
mitsein II
Mitsein III
mitsein III