Fade to Fade (Dreamwreck) (2015)

“We both step and do not step in the same rivers. We are and are not” – Heraclitus

Drawing on Heraclitus’ idea of flux or ‘panta rhei’ (everything flows), Fade to Fade explores the impermanence of the self and human connection. The sparse lyrics speak of the inherent dichotomies that combine to form relationships, the pulling together and drawing apart, the repetitions and the failure to repeat, from the extremes of raw feeling to embodied indifference. The sonic landscape of Fade to Fade articulates the delicate ripples of a water’s surface with the sensitive chime of Persian strings, smooth mid-tone waves of synthesised strings, through to the unknown depths of sub-bass. 

Moving-image by Cosima Cobley Carr.

Fade to Fade was released on Modern Obscure Music in 2022. Available on Bandcamp, Apple Music and Spotify.

Dreamwreck is a collaboration between musician Canaan Balsam and Cosima Cobley Carr. Through combining ethereal electronic soundscapes with traditional instrumentation and collage elements, including melodic vocals, spoken word, archival sounds and field recordings, Dreamwreck explores the inherent contradictions and fragmentations that are central to our lives.