Common Ground (2018)

Common Ground 2

It’s A Short Walk from the Dinner Table to the Asylum (2018)
It’s A Short Walk from the Dinner Table to the Asylum (2018)
It’s A Short Walk from the Dinner Table to the Asylum (2018)
Critic Tour from artist John Walter.

Common Ground

Barbican Centre

Common Ground was a two-day multi-disciplinary exhibition created by the Barbican Visual Arts Group, a temporary collective of early-career artists and arts professionals facilitated by artist Jordan McKenzie and the Barbican Guildhall Team. Taking the themes of the Barbican Art Gallery’s exhibition Another Kind of Life (28 Feb-27 May) as a starting point, the artists explored ideas of community in a range of media including live performance, sound, moving-image, painting, photography and graphic art. Exploring ideas of inclusion, exclusion, belonging, home and heritage, the artists ask how we create common ground.

The exhibition featured work from 13 artists: Yagiz AkinPietro Bardini, Beth Christlow, Cosima Cobley Carr, Ranura Edirisinghe, Joe Fear, Katie Fiore, Stephanie Francis-Shanahan, Maria Goundry, Maisie Linford, Aroob Sajjad, Moyin Saka and Natasha Thomas.

The exhibition ran from the 19th-20th May 2018. It included a Critic Tour by artist John Walter.

Photography by Dani Harvey.

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